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Whether the club you play for is run by a Plc or a supporters' trust, you can be certain that TMD will try to negotiate the best deal it can for its clients.

Negotiating on behalf of a player requires a thorough knowledge of the legislation, exhaustive research, a complete awareness of the market place and the ability to present a case in a clear and authoritative manner. TMD in collaboration with its legal advisors fulfil all of the above requirements, therefore our clients can be assured of an excellent contract.

We not only know your value to your club - and how to realise that value for you - but we also make sure we understand the background to each deal we arrange for you. That means you will receive the best advice on the length of your contract and all the additional benefits available to suit your situation.

But there's more to good advice than simply getting the best financial deal - you will want to   be with a club that gives you the opportunity to develop as a player and play regularly at the level your performance demands.Our approach is to help you consider all the possibilities open to you, allowing you to make the best informed choice available

To help you understand the deal that we negotiate for you, we will take you through the contract before you sign it to make sure that you know what you are committing yourself to and, of course, what you are entitled to from your club

When issues come up during or at the end of your contract we are always available to give practical advice.
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